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Philosophy & Values

Religare is a Latin word that means to bind together. We chose this name to reflect the integrated nature of our services. Our name is paired with the symbol of a four-leaf clover. Traditionally, it is considered good fortune to find a four-leaf clover as there is only one four-leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers found.

Each leaf of the Religare clover has a special meaning. It is a symbol of Hope, Trust, Care and Good Fortune.

The first leaf of the clover represents Hope

The aspirations to succeed. The dream of becoming. Of new possibilities. It is the beginning of every step and the foundation on which a person reaches for the stars.

The second leaf of the clover represents Trust

The ability to place ones own faith in another. To have a relationship as partners in a team. To accomplish a given goal with the balance that brings satisfaction to all, not in the binding, but in the bond that is built.

The third leaf of the clover represents Care

The secret ingredient that is the cement in every relationship. The truth of feeling that underlines sincerity and the triumph of diligence in every aspect. From it springs true warmth of service and the ability to adapt to evolving environments with consideration to all.

The fourth and final leaf of the clover represents Good Fortune

Signifying that rare ability to meld opportunity and planning with circumstance to generate those often looked for remunerative moments of success.

Our Values

Passion - To demonstrate tremendous energy and enthusiasm at all times and act entrepreneurially to achieve organizational objective. 

Innovation - To constantly challenge the status quo and to look beyond mundane ways of working and think out of the box.

Ambition – To think big: Aspire to achieve seemingly impossible and to set highest standards of performance.

Diligence – To make constant and earnest efforts to accomplish whatever is undertaken and to adhere to defined processes and systems.

Team Work – To build relationships to ensure collaboration and integration across business groups / boundaries and to act to build a positive spirit, morale and co-operation within and across teams, take action to resolve team conflict.