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Stock Exchange Announcements




Date Particulars
31-Mar-2020 Trading Window Closure
21-Mar-2020 Update on Divestment
04-Mar-2020 Updates – Extension of Long Stop Date
29-Feb-2020 Update
26-Feb-2020 Updates
12-Feb-2020 Updates
12-Feb-2020 Outcome of the Board Meeting
07-Feb-2020 Divestment
03-Feb-2020 Intimation of Board Meeting
30-Jan-2020 Updates
20-Jan-2020 Updates
31-Dec-2019 Updates
31-Dec-2019 Closure of Trading Window
19-Dec-2019 Updates
16-Dec-2019 Closure of Trading Window
11-Dec-2019 Updates
11-Dec-2019 Updates
06-Dec-2019 Trading Window Closure
26-Nov-2019 Related Party Transaction Disclosure
18-Nov-2019 Outcome of Postal Ballot
15-Nov-2019 Updates
08-Nov-2019 Outcome of the Board Meeting
02-Nov-2019 Revised Intimation of Board Meeting
01-Nov-2019 Updates
30-Oct-2019 Notice of the Board Meeting
18-Oct-2019 Updates
14-Oct-2019 Updates
11-Oct-2019 Updates
05-Oct-2019 Updates
04-Oct-2019 Disclosure of Pledged Shares of Promoters
02-Oct-2019 Updates
01-Oct-2019 Updates
30-Sep-2019 Intimation on Trading Window Closure
27-Sep-2019 Voting Results of AGM
26-Sep-2019 Proceedings of the AGM
12-Sep-2019 Updates
10-Sep-2019 Updates
30-Aug-2019 Submission of Annual Report & Notice of the AGM
09-Aug-2019 Updates
08-Aug-2019 Outcome of the Board Meeting
31-Jul-2019 Intimation of Board Meeting
30-Jul-2019 Appointment of Director
20-Jul-2019 Updates
16-Jul-2019 Updates
10-Jul-2019 Updates
01-Jul-2019 Updates
01-Jul-2019 Updates
20-Jun-2019 Related Party Transaction Disclosure
19-Jun-2019 Updates
15-Jun-2019 Updates
14-Jun-2019 Closure of Trading Window
11-Jun-2019 Updates
30-May-2019 Annual Secretarial Compliance Report
23-May-2019 Outcome of the Board Meeting
20-May-2019 Updates
16-May-2019 Updates
14-Apr-2019 Updates
14-Apr-2019 Notice of the Board Meeting
08-May-2019 Updates
08-May-2019 Updates
30-Apr-2019 Updates
23-Apr-2019 Updates
02-Apr-2019 Updates
01-Apr-2019 Updates



Date Particulars
30-Mar-2019 Closure of Trading Window
30-Mar-2019 Postal Ballot Result
25-Mar-2019 Updates
25-Mar-2019 Closure of Trading Window
20-Mar-2019 Updates
15-Mar-2019 Updates
15-Mar-2019 Updates
11-Mar-2019 Updates
08-Mar-2019 Updates
25-Feb-2019 Postal Ballot Notice Dated February 16, 2019
16-Feb-2019 Outcome of Board Meeting
13-Feb-2019 Notice of Board Meeting
12-Feb-2019 Outcome of Board Meeting
01-Feb-2019 Intimation of Board Meeting
29-Jan-2019 Updates
17-Jan-2019 Updates
20-Dec-2018 Appointment of Director
19-Dec-2018 Updates
19-Dec-2018 Updates
18-Dec-2018 Updates
11-Dec-2018 Updates
28-Nov-2018 Updates
20-Nov-2018 Outcome of Board Meeting
14-Nov-2018 Resignation of Director
12-Nov-2018 Intimation of Board Meeting
06-Nov-2018 Updates
02-Nov-2018 Updates
31-Oct-2018 Updates
30-Oct-2018 Updates
18-Oct-2018 Updates
18-Oct-2018 Outcome & Results of the Postal Ballot
05-Oct-2018 Updates
21-Sep-2018 AGM Voting Results and Scrutinizer Report
20-Sep-2018 Proceedings of 34th Annual General Meeting
20-Sep-2018 Updates
14-Sep-2018 Updates
14-Sep-2018 Updates
10-Sep-2018 Updates
06-Sep-2018 Outcome of Board Meeting
04-Sep-2018 Updates
01-Sep-2018 Updates
30-Aug-2018 Updates
30-Aug-2018 Intimation of Board Meeting
27-Aug-2018 Updates
23-Aug-2018 Notice of 34th AGM dated August 01, 2018
08-Aug-2018 Press Release
07-Aug-2018 Updates
03-Aug-2018 Updates
03-Aug-2018 Press Release
01-Aug-2018 Appointment of Director
30-Jul-2018 Updates
26-Jul-2018 Updates
25-Jul-2018 Updates
30-Jun-2018 Resignation of Director
29-Jun-2018 Updates
14-Jun-2018 Updates
13-Jun-2018 Clarification on news item on LVB
05-Jun-2018 Resignation of Director
04-Jun-2018 Press Release
30-May-2018 Outcome of Board Meeting
30-May-2018 Updates
29-May-2018 Updates
28-May-2018 Appointment of Independent Director
23-May-2018 Intimation of Board Meeting
18-May-2018 Resignation of Director
17-May-2018 Updates
08-May-2018 Appointment of Independent Director
07-May-2018 Updates
26-Apr-2018 Press Release
19-Apr-2018 Allotment of Warrants
18-Apr-2018 Updates
16-Apr-2018 Updates
05-Apr-2018 Updates
03-Apr-2018 Updates



Date Particulars
24-Mar-2018 Updates
21-Mar-2018 Voting Results & Report of the EGM
19-Mar-2018 Proceedings of EGM
19-Mar-2018 Updates
19-Mar-2018 Updates
19-Mar-2018 Statutory Auditor Certificate under SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009
16-Mar-2018 Updates
01-Mar-2018 Update
23-Feb-2018 Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting, E-voting and Cut Off Date
21-Feb-2018 Updates
20-Feb-2018 News Clarification
19-Feb-2018 Committee Meeting Outcome
17-Feb-2018 Outcome of Board Meeting
14-Feb-2018 Updates
14-Feb-2018 Intimation of Board Meeting
14-Feb-2018 Resignation of Director
14-Feb-2018 Outcome of Board Meeting
05-Feb-2018 Board Meeting Intimation
31-Jan-2018 Clarification on Newspaper Publication
31-Jan-2018 Intimation of Board Meeting
31-Jan-2018 Resignation of Director
30-Jan-2018 Press Statement
25-Jan-2018 Updates
23-Jan-2018 Updates
22-Jan-2018 Resignation of Directors
18-Jan-2018 Updates
17-Jan-2018 Updates
12-Jan-2018 Updates
04-Jan-2018 Updates
22-Dec-2017 Updates
22-Dec-2017 Updates
20-Dec-2017 Updates
12-Dec-2017 Updates
07-Dec-2017 Updates
29-Nov-2017 Resignation of Director
28-Nov-2017 Updates
18-Nov-2017 Updates
14-Nov-2017 Press Release
14-Nov-2017 Outcome of Board Meeting
04-Oct-2017 Appointment of Director
29-Sep-2017 Resignation of Director
22-Sep-2017 Voting Results and Scrutinizer Report of 33rd AGM
21-Sep-2017 Proceedings of 33rd AGM
15-Sep-2017 Updates
14-Sep-2017 Updates
14-Sep-2017 Updates
11-Sep-2017 Postal Ballot Results - Addendum
11-Sep-2017 Postal Ballot Results
08-Sep-2017 Updates
07-Sep-2017 Updates
06-Sep-2017 Resignation of Director
05-Sep-2017 Clarification/Confirmation on news item appearing in “The Economic Times”
28-Aug-2017 Updates
24-Aug-2017 Outcome Committee Meeting
24-Aug-2017 33rd AGM Notice & Intimation of Book Closure
18-Aug-2017 Updates
10-Aug-2017 Outcome of Board Meeting
02-Aug-2017 Updates
28-Jul-2017 Resignation of Director
27-Jul-2017 Notice of Board Meeting
19-Jul-2017 Updates
18-Jul-2017 Updates
14-Jul-2017 Tribunal convened Equity Shareholder Meeting
13-Jul-2017 Clarification / Confirmation on news item appearing in “Media/Economic Times”
13-Jul-2017 Updates
12-Jul-2017 Updates
30-Jun-2017 Payment of Interest and Redemption of Debentures
30-Jun-2017 Redemption of Debentures
29-Jun-2017 Outcome of Board Meeting
23-Jun-2017 Notice of Board Meeting
30-May-2017 Record Date for Payment of Interest & Redemption of Debentures
19-May-2017 Allotment of 120,750 Equity Shares under ESOP Scheme 2006
18-May-2017 Postponement of Board Meeting
17-May-2017 Updates
27-Apr-2017 Notice of Board Meeting
24-Apr-2017 Resignation of Director



Date Particulars
12-Apr-2017 Resignation of Non-Executive Director
24-Mar-2017 Contact Details of Key Managerial Personnel authorized to decide the Materiality for Disclosure of Information
22-Mar-2017 Change in Key Managerial Personnel
03-Mar-2017 Scheme of Amalgamation
03-Mar-2017 Updates
17-Feb-2017 Clarification on News item “Anand Rathi buys Religare Wealth Management Arm”
17-Feb-2017 Updates
09-Feb-2017 Outcome of Board Meeting
13-Jan-2017 Notice of Board Meeting
09-Jan-2017 Clarification on “Times of India” News item dated January 09, 2017
06-Jan-2017 Updates
27-Dec-2016 Outcome of Board Meeting - Scheme of Amalgamation
22-Dec-2016 Trading Window Closure Notice
19-Dec-2016 Updates
01-Dec-2016 Change of Registered Office
14-Nov-2016 Updates
11-Nov-2016 Contact Details of Key Managerial Personnel authorized to decide the Materiality for Disclosure of Information
26-Oct-2016 Outcome of Board Meeting
25-Oct-2016 Updates
24-Oct-2016 Clarification on news item “Singh Brothers in talks to sell Religare Finvest."
21-Oct-2016 Announcement
13-Oct-2016 Notice of Board Meeting
28-Sep-2016 Appointment of Non-Executive Independent Director
28-Sep-2016 Credit Rating
06-Sep-2016 Voting Results and Report of the Scrutinizer of 32nd AGM
05-Sep-2016 Proceedings of 32nd AGM
31-Aug-2016 Updates
30-Aug-2016 Updates
19-Aug-2016 Updates
09-Aug-2016 32nd AGM Notice & Intimation of Book Closure
06-Aug-2016 Resignation of Director
03-Aug-2016 Appointment of Non-Executive Independent Director
29-Jul-2016 Updates
29-Jul-2016 Outcome of Board Meeting
23-Jul-2016 Updates
21-Jul-2016 Updates
18-Jul-2016 Result of Postal Ballot dated May 27, 2016
15-Jul-2016 Updates
11-Jul-2016 Notice Of Board Meeting
01-Jul-2016 Payment of Interest and Redemption of Non-convertible Debentures
20-Jun-2016 Result of Postal Ballot dated May 03, 2016
10-Jun-2016 Postal Ballot Notice
31-May-2016 Record Date for Payment of Interest & Part Redemption (Scrip Code: 949008)
27-May-2016 Outcome of Board Meeting
27-May-2016 Press Release – Corporate Restructuring
23-May-2016 Raising Of Funds
12-May-2016 Postal Ballot Notice
06-May-2016 Notice of Board Meeting
02-May-2016 Update
27-Apr-2016 Update
18-Apr-2016 Update
07-Apr-2016 Update
06-Apr-2016 Update